What’s in it for me, as a participant?

When participating to a hackathon, an entrepreneur is required to pay between 0 and 100 euros depending on the experience, the different services, the quality of coaching, the location and mostly the expected results. At Sharify, we strive for a comfortable environment to help entrepreneurs getting out of their comfort zone! On top of the technical innovations that we developed to optimize the processes and interactions, we gathered the most relevant and top coaches, speakers and jury members. We also work with a very qualitative Catering and offer an attractive welcome pack! Last but not least, we will interview the winning teams and they will collaborate with the greatest coworking provider in Belgium. Access to latest technologies,esting rewards will be provided.

02-04 December 2016 The first Sharify hackathon in Brussels, what differentiates us?


A hackathon is a short intensive session where self selecting teams are given a problem area, data, tools, and bring their own skills & resources to solve chosen challenges. The word “hackathon” is more and more frequent in the entrepreneurial world. Most of us already know that « Hack » is used in the sense of playful, exploratory programming, But do we really know what Hackathon means?