02-04 December 2016 The first Sharify hackathon in Brussels, what differentiates us?


A hackathon is a short intensive session where self selecting teams are given a problem area, data, tools, and bring their own skills & resources to solve chosen challenges. The word “hackathon” is more and more frequent in the entrepreneurial world. Most of us already know that « Hack » is used in the sense of playful, exploratory programming, But do we really know what Hackathon means?

What is Sharify?

Sharify is a non-profit organization, created by former startup-weekend organizers, with the only purpose to stimulate entrepreneurship in the new economical models (collaborative, circular &social). Therefore, they focus on 3 main activites: education, ideation and acceleration. By creating value and sharing risks collectively, they intend to raise awareness around the sharing transition. One of Sharify’s main activity is to organise hackathons around this thematic.

What is a Hackathon?

A hackathon, is a 54 hours marathon that gathers around change-making ideas a wide variety of want-to-be-entrepreneurs from several professional sectors (business, design, technicals). It is where self selecting teams are given a problem area, data, tools, and bring their own skills & resources to solve chosen challenges. They have until Sunday to work hand in hand to deliver: a viable business model, a functioning prototype and valid customer traction. At the end of the weekend, each team will have to present their start-up concept in front of a highly qualified jury.


Our next hackathon will start on Friday 02nd of December (6pm) and will last until Sunday 04th of December (10pm). It will take place in the most renown co-working space in Belgium: Silversquare, located at 523 Louise avenue. To be part of the experience, your presence at the pre-launch event on Thursday 25th of November will be required. Stay tuned thanks to our Facebook page and Website to be sure not to miss it!

What makes this one different?

Our Hackathon is different for various reasons: First of all, the most disruptive companies of the sharing and circular economy will collaborate with us once again. Great coaches and top jury members will also be present to challenge your start-up! Our prelaunch night will be a major point for our participants to understand what is at stake with this hackathon and its organisation. Indeed, this year, we established new ways of proceeding the match making and rewards ceremony. For the first time ever, each team will receive personalized rewards at the end of the weekend. How is it possible? We will let you discover it on the pre-launch night.

Who can participate and how?

As long as you are willing to get your hands dirty and build things, you are welcomed on board.

What does the Price include?

The price will include all the Catering, goodies and an entire weekend of amazing entrepreneurial experience.

How do I register?

Limited tickets are available, Register now! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sharify-hackathon-tickets-28573684660

Get out of your comfort zone & join the sharing transition!


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