What’s in it for me, as a participant?

When participating to a hackathon, an entrepreneur is required to pay between 0 and 100 euros depending on the experience, the different services, the quality of coaching, the location and mostly the expected results. At Sharify, we strive for a comfortable environment to help entrepreneurs getting out of their comfort zone! On top of the technical innovations that we developed to optimize the processes and interactions, we gathered the most relevant and top coaches, speakers and jury members. We also work with a very qualitative Catering and offer an attractive welcome pack! Last but not least, we will interview the winning teams and they will collaborate with the greatest coworking provider in Belgium. Access to latest technologies,esting rewards will be provided.

A start-up shop!

At the end of the hackathon, each team will be judged by some experts and receive, depending on their position, a certain amount of credits. This virtual money will be created by Sharify and can be used, as some redeem points, to order the different rewards. According to their specific needs, entrepreneurs will be invited to select the most appropriate service among legal check-ups, IP protection, financial coaching, subsides application, technical support, business bootcamps, brainstorming sessions, marketing visibility, networking groups and coworking space. Pretty much all the ingredients for a successful launch!

A pitching opportunity

On 08th of December, after the hackathon, you will also have the opportunity to invite all of your friends, family and fools (3F) to an evening pitch session and convince them to invest in your freshly launched start-up project.

And after?

In the best case scenario, you will be fully on-board to work on your own start-up, supported by the different providers of the rewards, hosted at one of the biggest coworking space and integrated into the Sharify Community. We will thus be happy to help you connecting with our ecosystem, using our tools and platforms, taking advantages of our mentors.

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