Silversquare – The biggest Co-working space in Belgium

silversquare We are proud to present you one of our partners: Silversquare. This co-working space will offer to the participants the best conditions for them to share their ideas and build their Startup.

What is Silversquare?

Silversquare is the most prestigious progressive co-working workspace in Brussels. Its goal is to bring people to work with others, gain inspiration & grow their business.

Where is it located?

Silversquare Louise is located on the greener side of Avenue Louise, the most prestigious avenue in Brussels. The address: Avenue Louise 523.

Why did Sharify and Silversquare went into partnership?

Silversquare is always searching for innovative ways to challenge the new wave of entrepreneurship. As this co-working space is consistent with our mindset of sharing and networking, we were really thrilled by the idea of working together. We first went into partnership in May 2016 for the occasion of the first Startup weekend on circular and sharing economy and they offered 6 months of free incubation to the winners of this edition. Sharify accompanied the winning teams to the creation and launch of their Startup. Silversquare’s wide spaces and breath taking view, will give to the participants of the first Sharify Hackathon the opportunity to both work privately and liaise with members from alternative teams.

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