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We believe that the current linear economic system is based on assumptions that are not exact anymore. The abundance of resources, basis of capitalism, and the need of ownership is now challenged by a new economy that is responsible, circular, connected and collaborative.

We’ve seen more and more players that leveraged the power of the community and disrupted traditional business patterns, impacting our environment, culture, and society. We want to support these new forms of entrepreneurship because we think it will contribute to the shift, or what we like to call “the sharing transition”.



To embrace the sharing transition, it is necessary to adopt a change-making mindset, and stimulate entrepreneurship in new areas such as sharing, circular, and social economy. That is why we launched Sharify, an organization dedicated to this new transition and focused on three main activities: education, ideation and acceleration. We intend to co- create our community around common values and strong interest for impact entrepreneurship.

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Multi-profile, multi-culture, multi-passion

  • Bastien

    Bastien – The Architect

    Passionate about disruptive entrepreneurship, he loves to come up with new ideas that can have an impact on the society. Like an architect designing his new construction, Bastien draws the plans of Sharify, gathering team members, constantly leading them to reach their goals. Thanks to his organization he made sure that the Sharify’s foundation sustains its growth and the consistent upcoming projects, making him the cornerstone of Sharify.

  • Alexandre

    Alex – The Gardener

    Alex is a doer, he believes that entrepreneurship mindset is a key to success. In partnership with the Architect and the rest of the team he ensures that everything is standing in the light. He plays the role of product owner and challenge the Architect as scrum Master. Like a gardener with his flowers, he cares for the Sharify’s activities and follow them through their growth till their hitch.

  • Anthony

    Anthony – The Chemist

    As an Innovative engineer with expertise in circular economy and green technologies, Anthony plays a key role in the Sharify Team. Like a chemist undertaking experiments, he consistently monitored the efficacy of Sharify’s endeavors in both technical innovation and project management, ensuring its powerful impact on the entrepreneurial world.

  • Denis

    Denis – The Nightwatcher

    Passionate about written code and logistic, Denis always finds solutions and resources to help perfecting projects and startups. Therefore, he is considered by the Sharify members as a ninja of the web. Always there to help developing new ideas and finding alternatives, he could give up on his sleep in order to deliver quality work.

  • Marine

    Marine – The Evangelist

    As a communication addict, Marine always finds innovative ideas in order to promote Sharify's projects. Therefore, social Media, visual teasing & press, are tools that she manipulates with ease. Her entrepreneurial mindset fitted perfectly with the rest of the Team, adding a little welcome female perspective.

  • Coraline

    Coraline – The Geometer

    Thanks to her strong digital marketing expertise and entrepreneurship knowledge, Coraline, advises the team members in the optimization of digital channels. With a compass in hand, she maneuvers the tools until Sharify achieves a premium visibility. Connecting the dots between all digital communication aspects, she continually reroutes Sharify to its diverse destinations.


Your entrepreneurship journey in the sharing transition



Get to learn the basic of entrepreneurship with a focus on new societal paradigms and economical models. Live a training experience of 3 months and become the change-maker of tomorrow.



Pitch your idea and build a team of trusted, talented and motivated entrepreneurs willing to make your concept a tangible solution within one weekend. Be ready to get out of your comfort zone.



Win the hackathon and use the most appropriate rewards to bring your freshly created start-up to the next level. Benefit from all the provided services and start your entrepreneurship journey.